Traditional Bone Mala with Counters




These traditional style bone beads are inlaid with brass, turquoise, and coral.  Features naga shell and copal spacers.  Strung on black cord.  Features metal counters on leather cord.

Tibetan nomadic life is hard, and in the cold there is little to eat. Water buffalo is a main staple in Nepal and Tibet and when an animal is used for food, nothing is wasted. These amazing beads are hand inlaid by artisans who recycle and reuse everything in daily life and spiritual practice.

The naga/conch shell represents the fame of the Buddha’s teaching which spreads in all directions like the sound of the conch trumpet.  It is a symbol which fearlessly proclaims the truth of the dharma.

Measures approximately 26 inches around.  Contains 108 beads.  Bone beads are 12mm.  Made in Nepal.

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