Stretchy Lapis Mala with Coral Spacers




Our stretchy 108 malas are a huge hit! 108 8mm lapis beads with 3 8mm red coral spacers and bone guru set are strung on durable stretchy cord for a better fit when wearing on your wrist. Tassel is 6 6mm lapis beads.

Lapis is believed to offer the wearer protection and aura cleansing. It can represent truth and integrity. Coral has many meanings and is valued by all wearers. The color red is often thought to represent prosperity and longevity. Red corals are sometimes associated with feminine healing powers and life forces which offer protection for the wearer. This can also bring strength and calmness.

Size: 33 inches around. Wraps 4 to 5 times around most wrists. Handmade in Detroit, Michigan. Beads sourced in India.

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